DunsterNet (Net, net, net, net ...)

Welcome to DunsterNet, brought to you by Suresh Chanmugam.

Suresh & Molly recently launched a joint venture that they have been incubating for several months - www.seá

What is DunsterNet?

DunsterNet began as an advanced experimental network of high performance digital computing devices in the early 1990's. Founded by Suresh Chanmugam, Justin Goodyear, and Mark Baskin while undergraduates at Harvard University, DunsterNet soon grew to comprise over 3 million nodes and 44 million users. It later merged with several smaller networks such as Arpanet and NSFnet to form a global "network of networks."

DunsterNet has authenticated logons since October 20, 1996

 Below are pictures of roommates and friends from Dunster House ... Click on a face to find out where they spend all of their time now (work).  The story of DunsterNet's initial implementation is chronicled in the DunsterNet Gallery. Members of the development team frequently gather in the common room to post messages for one another. Much of the original DunsterNet network infrastructure still remains in Dunster Room C27 and is still used to carry analog telecommunications voice traffic. Users with the RealAudio plugin can click here to tap into the phone line in Dunster C27 and listen in on its current residents' phone conversations.

Lunch in Dunster House Courtyard ...


Here's what folks are saying about DunsterNet

"Absolutely Fabulous!"
-Aaron Helsinger

"Hey...that is sooooo cooool, i am so f**king impressed.....jesus this is awesome....."
-Aparajita Ramakrishnan

"Tremendous work, my brother ... Pretty cool, I must say. On a side note, what do you think about Aaron and the sex thing? (wah-wah chicka-chicka, wah-wah chicka-chicka ...)"
-Eric Benoit

"Go suck a lemon."
-Aparajita Ramakrishnan