Aaron & Claire sitting on a couch

Aaron, Jon, Ishani, etc. on the floor

Amy N. and Apu, post thesis

Amy and VJ - freshman year

Apu, Jon, and JoJo lunching in the courtyard

courtyard huddle

Apu and Ganesh


Ben brutalizing Justin

Dunster Tower

Eric and Amy R.

Eric, VJ, and Ben at Master's Open House

5 guys in suits

four guys

Ganesh pulls Apu's leg

We looked pretty dorky when we were freshmen

group shot at senior dinner

group climbing

courtyard dinner

in front of Harvard Square bus

in New Hampshire

in arboretum

Justin watches JoJo flip on trampoline

JoJo rowing

Jon S. biting Ganesh's ear

Jon biting a horse

Justin and Apu

Justin and Ishani try to fix the car by staring at it intensely

Justin begs for more credit

Mark looking smooth

Reading papers at the summit

Reg with pizza boxes

reservoir poodles


senior dinner

Spades in NH

a well toilet papered stairwell


Veritas and Dunster flags

VJ, Amy R., and Eric

VJ, Justin, and Ganesh

a rather wet Ben, Aaron, and Eric

Dunster Crew